These are on a daily timetable which you can find at the admissions kiosk or download our current timetable here.

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

Twice a day you can meet our rabbits and guinea pigs in the barn. Our small animals like to have their own space so we don’t put them on knees but youre welcome to sit at a table and say “hi”. They love to be brushed and sometimes we have fresh veg for them to eat in these sessions.

Lamb feeding! 

Bottle feed our lambs between April and end May! In the lambing season we have lots of lambs to see in the fields but we also have a select few to bottle feed! These lambs have either been orphaned or have been born as triplets and in order to give their mum a rest we feed some of those too! Check the times on our timetable.


Come and see our newly hatched chicks in the brooder. We hatch every school holiday- Easter, May half term and summer holidays.

Donkey grooming!

Bethany the donkey loves her grooming sessions. This is an outside activity which usually goes ahead unless there’s heavy rain. Check the times on our timetable.