We are a small family run farm which has been in the Sunderland area since 18th century. Over the years the family has been involved in many types of farming from milking Friesian cows, growing potatoes, crops and rearing cattle. Only 20 years ago, Down at the Farm was a large cattle enterprise run by the Weightman family with over 400 Limousin cows.

Harvest-shotIn 2007 the main cow field was converted into the farm park we have today. Our main ethos has always been to keep things as simple and as natural as possible so that new generations can experience the same wild spaces that we did when we were smaller!  We have lots of outdoor spaces for visitors to enjoy and in the summer months there are lots of picnic areas and quieter places to sit away from the crowds. We are primarily a seasonal attraction which changes according to the farming calendar and time of year.  Our main season runs between February to October each year – we close every winter. We have a wide variety of farm animals to see and stroke, from sheep, cattle, donkeys, and pigs. plus lots of play areas and activities to make your day even more fun!
We also have a small collection of non native species of animals such as Reindeer, Snowy owls, Meerkats, Raccoons & Reptiles. In doing so, we hold a zoo license which ensures that we meet the required welfare standards for these animals. Please see our animals page for more information on specific species. We are also undertaking small conservation projects to encourage wild birds to come back and nest at the farm, as well as re developing pond areas to encourage wildlife habitats. Our original  tree planting schemes are now starting to mature, bringing back a whole host of wildlife from herons to kestrels and owls and insects. We also believe that by allowing  specific areas of the park to be  left in a wild state, they will help more habitats to form. We hope you enjoy your day at Down at the Farm! Don’t forget, we are open every weekend and school holiday until November 1st.