Do I have to book to come to the farm?

yes please book online.

Are you open all the time?

We are open at weekends and school holidays only.

What shall we wear?

We are a fully outdoor attraction.  Please dress for the weather and temperature before you leave the house. Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear is essential. Our paths are gravel and some play areas are on grass.

What activities are not included in the entry price?

Where you see a £ icon, there is an extra charge. You can pay as you go around the farm.

Can we feed the animals?

Yes you can – although we don’t advise hand feeding our animals. Please place the animal feed in their buckets provided around the farm. Please make sure that children are supervised when feeding animals and wash hands with soap and water after contact with animals.

Hand Hygiene…

We have  various hand wash stations around the farm plus hand gel pumps which visitors can use to sanitise hands. We advise that hand gels are only used as a measure in between hand washing. Soap and water must be used before eating food. Please ensure that very young children avoid contact with animals if you are unsure that they can keep their hands out of mouths.

Why is washing hands so important?

We ask all our visitors to wash their hands with soap and water after touching animals. Our farm is disinfected weekly but for the safety of you and your family we ask that you make sure that your hands are washed with soap and water when you are eating and of course when you leave the farm. Hand gels must only be used as a stop gap between washing and we wouldn’t advise the use of your own gels as you walk round the farm. Please refrain from eating near animal activity areas.

Do you have First aid?

First aid facilities are available in our cafe.

As a pregnant lady should I be concerned about coming to the farm ?

We advise that pregnant ladies should not have contact with sheep and lambs at the farm in Springtime. In general, it is important to maintain good hand hygiene whilst on a farm and you may wish to stay away from particular animal activities which may pose a risk from kicking or biting. If you have further queries please ask our animal staff.

Do you have a coffee shop?

Yes we do – we serve soup, jacket potatoes, pasties, toasties, sandwiches, bacon or sausage sandwiches, snacks, drinks, cakes, coffee and ice cream.

Why have we got a zoo license?

We need a zoo license because some of our animals are non native to the UK such as reindeer and raccoons. It means that we are regularly inspected by the relevant bodies for animal welfare and feeding routines.

Do you do work experience?

Yes we do however we are only permitted to take students who are 16 years and over. All of our work experience students are working towards an animal related qualifications at college.

I can’t look after my rabbit any more – can you take him?

Although we would love to, we are unable to take in unwanted animals at the farm. We would advise contacting your local animal sanctuary.