The Sulcata Tortoise is well adapted to the arid, dry conditions of the desert & takes refuge from the extreme heat by burrowing underground.

icon-eats Sulcata Tortoises eat little and often – they love the vegetation around them from a variety of grasses to succulent plants & occasional fruit.
icon-lives They originate from the Sahel region of Africa along the southern edge of the Sahara desert. This area is part arid savannah/semi desert.
icon-breeds One male will claim up to four females. Females lay their clutch of eggs and cover their nest over to avoid predators.
icon-alert Sheldon has been diagnosed with a bone condition which affects his shell. He receives supplements to his diet and the vet is very pleased with his perkiness despite his problem. He could have had an operation but the outcome would only be cosmetic so we decided to keep him the way he is – he is happy and content at the moment!