There are over 1 billion sheep in the world. They are farmed for meat and their wool. Rocky and his friends are a breed known as Poll Dorsets.

icon-eats Sheep will graze on and eat grass, clover, and other pasture plants .
icon-lives Domesticated sheep live on farms -they are kept outdoors most of the year, only coming inside for lambing. Sheep are hardy animals and can easily live outside all year long. Their wool is totally waterproof which means rain doesn’t bother them.
icon-breeds Lambing starts in the spring. We usually plan to start lambing in March /April when the weather is warmer. Ewes typically have one lamb but we do have cases of twins and triplets. A male is called a ram and a female is called a Ewe. We can only keep one ram in the field at a time or they would fight!
icon-alert We will have some lambs to bottle feed in Springtime – these lambs may have been rejected by their mothers and are relying on us to look after them. Make sure you check out our timetable to see when we bottle feed.