Snowy Owls are one of the largest and heaviest species of owl. With their thick white plumage and heavily feathered taloned feet, they are perfectly well adapted to life north of the Arctic Circle. Our owls came from a domestic residence from the local area and were bred in captivity.

icon-eats In the wild they feed on a wide variety of small mammals such as lemmings and other small rodents.
icon-lives They nestle in rocks on the side of mountains. They have also been known to inhabit the tops of buildings too.
icon-breeds In mid winter, males will fly in undulating patterns to attract the females. The females will sit on her clutch as the male stands guard. He will then become very protective of his female. You will be able to see this behaviour in May/June time.
icon-alert You may hear the male shriek from time time – it’s his way of being in charge!