Red Deer are one of the largest species of deer in the world. According to fossil records, Red Deer may have been around for almost 12 million years.

icon-eats Red Deer are browsers by nature. Their diet consists of grass, young tree shoots and moss.
icon-lives The Red Deer are forest dwelling animals. They can also be found on the moorlands of Scotland.They like to have hiding places which is why they have a small wood in their enclosure.
icon-breeds The breeding season (or “rut”) starts early September. A male stag can collect up to 40 hinds (females) for himself! In the rut the stag is very dangerous. We would not be able to go in at this time. We must wait until his antlers have dropped before attempting to go in.
icon-alert Look out for the stags antlers – they start to grow in spring and appear as tiny buds which gradually grow over the summer. Once ready, the stag will become very aggressive toward outsiders as he looks after his ladies! Without his antlers he loses his status until they grow again!