Kune Kune pigs are the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world. Their name means fat and round!

icon-eats They thrive on a diet of grass, fresh fruit and vegetables. Pigs love to forage for their food. We only give our pigs natural food which is good for their body condition.
icon-lives Originally from New Zealand, these pigs were bred as domesticated pets.They would live inside peoples houses in days of old.
icon-breeds Kune Kune Pigs live can have up to 8 piglets at a time. A female is called a sow and a male is called a boar.
icon-alert They have unusual tassels called “piri piri”. Pigs are very vocal and love to “chat” to passers-by. Kune Kune pigs can be born in a variety of colours which makes them so lovely to have as pets. They are very sensitive and intelligent animals and we love to have them here at the farm.