Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the harsh winters of the far northern areas of arctic Europe, Asia, & North America. They are on a special diet to keep them healthy.

icon-eats They eat grass and vegetation, also lichen and moss when food is scarce.
icon-lives They live in herds, extending onto the tundra, which means “treeless place”- it’s so cold that nothing will grow.They are used to having long periods of time without food and live well through the winter on lichen and moss.
icon-breeds Fully grown male antlers are a sign of the breeding season in Autumn. They are used for fighting off other males who want to breed too!
icon-alert They have unique, hollow hairs which trap the air to create an insulating layer against the cold. In the summer months, it starts to fall out which makes them look rather unsightly. Then the winter coat grows back in September.