For the Summer holidays we don’t anticipate animal activities being on unless we feel we can do so responsibly. Guidelines state that if animal activities take excessively longer due to social distancing rules then we must put the welfare of the animals first. We have moved all our animals outside for everyone to see and will put on activities as and when we feel it is appropriate to do so. All play areas, tractor rides, barrel rides and quads are on as usual.


We have a daily timetable of animal activities which allows visitors to get up close to our animals. Activities can change according to the season and weather but we make sure that the core activities are available every day we are open – core activities are donkey grooming, rabbit petting, pig washing, chick holding & mini keepers. Lamb feeding commences in April. Each activity is on at a different time of the day and we recommend you come early to make the most of all the daily activities.

Pig Washing

pig-washing Our Kune Kune pigs are very friendly and love their washing time! It conditions their skin and keeps them entertained along with our visitors. Pig washing is on every day we are open.

Hold a Fluffy Chick

hold-a-fluffy-chick Rare breed baby chicks hatch every week in Spring/Summer. This activity is a family favourite on Down at the Farm.

Donkey Grooming

donkey-grooming-thumb Summer and Bethany need a good groom just like the other animals. Help brush their coats and make them feel beautiful again! Grooming is on every day we are open.

Cuddle a Bunny

cuddle-a-bunny-thumbWe some friendly rabbits for your to hold and stroke. Some of them are extra furry and require a little grooming from our visitors. Rabbit petting is on every day we are open.

Feed the Lambs

feed-the-lambsLambs are born mid to end of March and learn to bottle feed over time. Learn about how we look after our lambs as they grow -visitors can bottle feed them once they are ready. If you are pregnant, please ask a member of staff for advice about this activity.

Mini Keepers

adventure-play2 Walk round with our keeper and help us feed our animals. Help fill hay nets and feed buckets and learn some interesting facts about the animals along the way. Mini keepers is on selected days.

Reptile Shows (seasonal)

Selected days in the school holidays meet and stroke our mini beasties – meet bearded dragons, tarantulas and snakes.

Magic shows (selected days)

hold-a-fluffy-chick Magic shows are on selected days in the school holidays.

Birds of Prey (seasonal)

Selected days in the school holidays, come and meet all our feathered friends for a flying show to remember!

Zena the 17ft Python(seasonal)

zena-thumbSelected days in the school holidays, Zena is a very popular attraction on the farm!