Getting ready for reopening

So after the roadmap was announced, our new opening date will be Saturday the 17th April!
We are currently getting the farm in tip top shape to welcome our visitors back - the wet and snowy weather over the winter definitely slowed our progress so we are happy that the sun is shining again!

At the time of writing this we have a barn full of baby animals and expectant mothers - we have 3 week old piglets, lots of lambs and we are currently bottle feeding some calves which means we are not having much sleep!
By the time we open we will have a whole host of baby animals to see on your visit!

Some customers are asking about booking in advance - we are currently working on a new booking system which should be ready by the end of March so please check back then where you will be able to book dates in advance.

In the meantime enjoy the sunshine and we hope it lasts!